Development of branding identity for Bonjo Group travel agency.

In the slideshow below contains some steps of logo development: First variants were inspired by "Le Petit Prince" and the idea of various flying devices (blimps, kites, balloons), further evolution brought us to the bird image search and after trying several kinds of birds including penguins together with my clients we came to the conclusion to take in to versions of logo for two brunches of their activity:

  1. Penguin - academic and business travel solutions
  2. Swan - destination weddings, customized vacations, personalized guiding tours etc.

Drafts, development of logo idea

Final varian of corporate style for Bonjo Group Inc.

The choice of color palette was guided by the idea of clients to show the unique luxury and exclusivity of their services, so gold or platinum on a black background were very much desired.


Examples of header/footer images for the website