Logo and booklet for "Hound FX" Fund

Hound FX Fund is a Global Strategy Fund intended only for professional investors that match the entry criteria.

The company name "Hound FX" describes the main advantage of the Fund investment strategy: hunting down the most effective diversified automated methods of investment (such as Spot Forex and other asset classes like cash, bonds and investment certificates), aimed to safeguard from possible losses over the medium and long term through a rigorous risk management activity.

The task was to come up with the proposals of company logo. After a brief with the members of company management we've agreed on a direct visual representation of the company name, i.e. hunting dog in a pointing position.


Image search & drafting

Found FX logo, featuring a hunting dog in a pointing position

LogoDemo copy.png

Tracking the scent of the highest profits...

Accepted variant of company logo and a corporate tagline:


Promotional booklet

14 pages, layout design, text editing and formatting. The booklet "environment" was inspired by corporate slogan: Tracking the scent of the highest profits...